Photography Course Reviews

John McGrane

I signed up for this course as a hobbyist photographer looking to make it a profession, and this extremely comprehensive course was the perfect fit for what I needed. It gave me the technical grounding that I was missing and also gave me invaluable commercial insight that has helped me on my way to starting my promising young business.

George Seper’s writing style is very accessible, even when covering the driest of technical (but absolutely necessary) content. He conveys both his passion for photography as a profession, as well as some hard truths about the commercial realities with complete transparency.

My tutor Steven Vote has been incredibly supportive. I have relied on him over the course duration for his professional advice on matters not directly relating to my assignments, which I will miss now that I have graduated.

I have already signed up for the advanced module on Lightroom, and I’m eagerly making a start on that now.

I would recommend this course to anybody who wants to take their photography more seriously. It requires serious commitment but delivers quantifiable rewards and leaves you with a real sense of achievement and determination to succeed in your photography goals.


Rita Fe Retolla

I always believed that it's never too late to realize one dream.

When I was in elementary, photography caught my attention, but it took me a long time to make it happen. The Photography Institute helped me to make it real. I learned so much on this course, from the history of Photography down to how you show off to the world the work you created with self-confidence.

I want to thank my coach Steven for helping me from day 1 till the end. His guidance brought me to another horizon of photography. Thank you, The Photography Institute!

Kristina Sundareva

PI team, great job!

I love the opportunity to communicate with an established photographer as my tutor. David - you are cool!

Material is useful, nobody tells you what to do after you learn your camera, but here it's clear and well-explained.

I love how the author George is straightforward, he is not painting the ideal world, but telling you how this business really works.

Thank you for the time well spent and your work!


Chun Chang Lu (Nelson)

The decision to attend The Photography Institute was the best decision I made for myself in 2020. Having been an amateur photographer for a couple of years, I simply was not getting the knowledge I needed quick enough to make this a career. As a result, I almost put down my camera for good.

The course gave my love for photography a massive jolt by putting all the missing pieces together. Not only are you provided with a well-rounded workflow to guide you in making sure all the essentials are covered, but you also have access to a professional photographer tutor walking you through this process. I looked forward to each module, each assignment, and each feedback knowing each and every time I am one step closer to achieving my goal.

2020 has turned out to be one of the best years for learning, and I will encourage anyone who is on the fence to simply take the plunge and learn the skill you'll love to use over and over again.

Douglas Ng Swee Siong

This is a course that I would strongly recommend to anyone and everyone who likes to capture moments in their lives through a lens.

I like photography as a hobby and even after searching for hours for more information on the internet about photography, I found there were no proper guidelines and the information was very confusing. After I took up this course I was suddenly back on track, everything was covered comprehensively in this course.

My tutor was fast in response and very professional in his guidance, it was great to work with an industry professional.

Thank you PI and all the staff who have helped me achieve my goals.

Kenneth Chan

I love art and creativity, and this course has provided me with a well-planned steer toward becoming a better photographer. I would like to thank George for sharing his professional knowledge and the helpful support team for making this journey such a pleasant learning experience.

The course has a myriad of articles and engaging activities from understanding exposure, creative techniques for composing different types of photos, to interesting assignments that put what you learn into practice. Speaking from experience, things just get better each step of the way with the culmination of earning the Diploma.

On top of that, assignment feedback provided by George has been both insightful (based on his personal experience) and encouraging. The thing I find that sets this course apart from the rest, is the personal mentorship along the way and the genuineness with which everyone at PI brings demonstrates.

Thank you once again to the team at PI for a job well done and making this so worthwhile. I highly recommend this course to any keen photographer.

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